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When we first though about having an EPOS system, we were a little worried to say the least! We spent time on looking at available EPOS system on the market and was recommend to use Abacus, since implementing our EPOS system we have had an excellent experience using the system and found the Abacus team very responsive to our questions. Its been over 2 years now since we implemented the system and we have seen how easy things are when it comes to stock keeping and managing our workshop compared to our manual record keeping days. Well done Abacus.

James Finn, Finn Cycles, London

We have been using the Abacus system since its inception in 1992.The on-going developments have created a package which quite frankly we could not live without. At last we are gaining control of our business. If I were to be honest-Before Abacus the business was running me.

Bryn Williams, Nicholsons Cyclelife, Dundee

Probably the most cost effective all in one solution available on the market today. With constant improvements via regular upgrades the Abacus Software just gets better and better. A real business orientated solution and support package. UK Mobility is pleased to recommend Abacus.

Steve O’Halloran, UK Mobility, Kent

We have been with Abacus since about 1989 now and during that time have seen our business grow by an average 25% per year. This is partly because Abacus helps us by looking after many routine stock-ordering tasks that we would ordinarily have to do manually, leaving us free to get on with running the shop and planning for the future. There are still many parts of Abacus that we are yet to use but as a business we would be lost without it.

Dave Quinn, The Bike Factory, Chester

We have been using the Abacus system for the last 6 years and have grown with it. The latest 32-bit incarnation is a joy to work with and the new Abacus management team are flexible and genuine. The feedback that we give as a user is both welcomed and promptly acted upon and the results of the User Group meetings are immediately noticeable in the frequent system updates. We have been able to reduce our stock holding by almost 30% and significantly increase sales at the same time. The workshop system is a godsend, increased efficiency and profitability here alone more than justifies the system costs.

Steve Coram, Cycle Logic, Helston

The system works well, we wouldn't want to consider running the business without it.

Mike, Eric Burgess Cycles, Burnley

Having used Abacus for seven years, virtually trouble free, upgrading to the new 32 bit system has given welcome speed & new features. Listening to their customers through user groups, and now accelerating the development of the software, puts Abacus in a leading position as an EPOS supplier to the cycle industry.

Rob Turner, Ben Hayward Cycles, Cambridge