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EPoS Software

Electronic Point of Sale

Abacus EPoS is designed for retail organisations interested in expanding their sales and driving towards a successful business.

Our Electronic Point of Sale system is unrivaled by our competitors, we use only the best hardware and our Abacus EPoS software, we pride ourselves as being the most cost effective retailer solution.

Our software does not rely on expensive frameworks such as Microsoft Dynamics, all features of our EPoS system are developed by the Abacus team, our intention is to be able to provide a cost effective retailer system with the least cost for our clients without compromise on our unique features.

Abacus is now evolving, bringing to our existing and new clients an even more powerful Electronic Point of Sale system with all the modern features, including email receipts, dynamic reports, live data feeds and so much more.

The retail industry is very dynamic and although we specialise in the Bicycle retail sector, we have clients using our system from a wide variety of industries. We also understand the business needs of our clients and the importance of having a industry specific EPoS provider, here at Abacus we do our level best to cater for all your needs, whether it be something specific to your in industry or a feature that we currently don’t provide but you would require, we will do all we can to implement and accommodate your requirements.

Working with an industry specific EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) system is essential in order for you to focus on your business development and forget the complexities involved relating to your industry sector when it comes to your Point of Sale solution. We have been helping retailers for over 30 years and are familiar with all types of retail industries and requirements associated with each retail sector. When choosing an EPoS system, the provider should be able to anticipate and pre-empt any pitfalls or shortcomings that the system may have is vital to you implementing the correct solution, here at Abacus we pride ourselves on being both transparent and diligent when reviewing your requirements and being able to deliver exactly what our clients need.