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Ofcom Changes – Non-Geographic Numbers

Phone Dialing

The Ofcom countdown has begun!

As a reminder, the Ofcom regulatory changes to non-geographic numbers are taking place from the 1st of July. Any person or organisation that uses or makes calls to 08, 09 or 118 services will be affected.

Abacus will be changing our main telephone number to a new local rate number 03333 4444 73 which will also offer a preview of our up and coming VOIP and IVR services we intend to launch within the comming months.

For customers running 08 telephone numbers please be aware that you will need to make changes to show transparency on how calls are charged.

As July is rapidly approaching, we want to make sure that you know what the changes are for calls to 08 prefixed telephone numbers and what to expect. Generally, call charges will be split into two parts: A Service Charge and an Access Charge.

To make things simple:

Service Charge – The charge set by the Range Holder / Terminating Network of the company receiving the call. The associated cost is defined by the type of number selected by the company. You or your customers will have to advertise this charge where the number is featured so anyone calling this number will know the service charge that will apply.

Access Charge – This component of the call charge is set by and paid to your communications provider, i.e., BT, TalkTalk. This charge must be shown prominently on websites and other promotional material. The charge cannot change by time of day or day of week and will be expressed in pence per minute.

Please read Ofcom’s summary of the changes here.