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Abacus EPoS System Overview

Abacus has been developed over 30 years and has a reputation for stability, performance and flexible and comprehensive functionality. Our EPoS software has been very successful in the retail sector but has also been used by a wide range of accountants and distribution companies. The Abacus EPoS system is highly configurable which is why so many customers choose our EPoS systems above our competitors.

The Abacus EPoS system is suitable for a wide range of industry sectors including fashion retailers, bicycle retailers, mobility suppliers just to name a few. Unlike many other EPoS companies we have built a single system which allows its users to configure the software to work in such a way that suits their needs. Many of our competitors have individual till programs for each industry sector, meaning that certain retail sector programs are not able to utilise the full features of the entire EPoS software. Abacus have designed our application to allow configurable options, so you can have an EPoS software that suits your every need.

Abacus has over 250 current active installations throughout the UK and continues to grow year on year, we regularly take into consideration our customers feedback and and implement features we find that multiple clients are requesting.

Our EPoS software comes in three flavours, Single User Point of Sale, Multi User Point of Sale and Multi Branch Point of Sale, this allows our retailers to start small and grow big without having to worry about changing software or hardware as their business grows. Abacus EPoS is able to run on any Windows based PC (subject to specification).

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