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Advantages Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS)

EPoS is the abbreviated term for Electronic Point of Sale and can be found in the vast majority of retail businesses. They’re principle role is intended to help in enhancing the execution and performance of the business. EPoS frameworks and systems are the perfect piece(s) of equipment to possess when running a retail business, as they empower data to be put away and controlled for the profit of the business itself and give a detailed insight and knowledge with reference to how well the business is really getting along.

An EPoS system is usually found at the checkout counter of a business but can also be linked to other terminals such as the back office admin system, mobile product scanners and can also be linked to the business website store. Though the linking of the EPoS system to your online website, your customers are provided with real time and accurate information in regards to stock levels and product availability, through our EPoS stock control module. An EPoS network may consist of one or many terminals within the same store or even co-location branches.

The reason the majority of retailers install an EPoS system is due to the fact that they can have a greater level of control over their business. The Abacus EPoS software maintains a secure and highly available database of all products, sales information, inventory as well as much much more. Having this information at hand at the click of a button allows a business to detect where a demand for specific products lies and can hence use this information to their advantage by reducing their stock inventory on not so popular products. For products that are not performing or selling as well as expected within a set time frame, those products can be manipulated through the product maintenance screen and listings can be placed on alternative sites such as eBay and Amazon, allowing the retailer an alternative outlet for such products.

Abacus EPoS software also allows users to produce and print both vouchers, loyalty cards and of course receipts as well as sending details of transactions to suppliers, improving business reliability.

The Abacus EPoS system has been designed to be easy to use from a users perspective, feature rich and help the user see where profit in their products lies, the system also helps to identify your customers purchasing habits and trends and ultimately keep track of your stock, meaning the business owner or purchasing manager can make informed decisions on whether to increase or reduce orders of certain products from suppliers based on the demand and profit made from products they stock.